The recording magnetic resonance singing man

As another way to present the effect of vocal organ? Perhaps magnetic resonance? This can be present on the biology lesson, music, singing classes, the possibilities are many. According to me, an innovative topic which is worth writing. Michael Volle, baritone opera more accustomed to performances on the international opera and concert halls than within the MRI scanner at the hospital. He made this experiment at the request of Prof. Matthias Echternach, in the context of the experience vocal skills singers and efficiency of their vocal apparatus. First, he had to sing an aria from Mozart’s Don Giovanni, but resigned from it on the grounds that it might cause too much vibration and movements of vocal organ. Instead, he chose relatively calm “Lied an den Abendstern” (a song Evening Star) from Wagner’s Tannhäuser. The singer admits that he was quite surprised videos, and especially by the length of their own language.

MRI scanner baritone Michael Volle, Wolfram track “Song Evening Star” from Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser”.

MINECRAFT – educational edition

As you’ve probably heard Microsoft announced a new version of the popular game Minecraft. This time it is the title geared toward schools and educational institutions. Minecraft: Education Edition will be available from June this year. Minecraft already has more than 100 million players worldwide. Microsoft’s new initiative will make that the title will enjoy more interest. It is worth noting that Minecraft: Education Edition will be tried first as part of a free trial version. The price is only $ 5 per user per year.

Education Edition will have features such as:

  • Improved maps with coordinates for students and teachers, so that everyone can better navigate the generated world
  • International import and export function of their worlds in the game, providing another educational institution
  • Secure login for the participant with individual avatars to choose from, personalized learning experience and help teachers track student activity
  • Portfolio participant, where students can take pictures of their projects in Minecraft: Education Edition and present progress in science
  • A set of specialized units to enhance teaching and learning
  • Improved multi-player
  • Tutorials created by experienced educators for beginners in Minecraft educators

“One of the reasons why Minecraft fits so well in the classroom is a common, creative playground for children,” said Vu Bui, COO Mojang. “We have seen that Minecraft surpasses the differences in the education systems of teaching and learning styles in the world. It is an open space where people can come together and build in the classroom almost everything.”

So we looking forward 🙂

Minecraft #HourofCode

Try free encoding climates Minecraft. This short course Microsoft and is similar to the software for programming and game development, also has a very clean interface and pass all the stages will take less than an hour. The interface allows dragging on the principle of “drag & drop” and create with them a series of simple and complex commands. More Novelty that none is because since December last year, you can use it but still meet with children and young people who do not hit the same superior educational entertainment. You can use this element as the introduction to the world of Scratch if there are reluctant to understand the idea of programming pictorial. Minecraft time coding is the main aim of learning the basics and Get more friendly with the world of programming. During this adventure you have to help guide that tells you what to do, to go fourteen minecraft puzzles together with Steve. If you want me to do with this video, please write in the comments 🙂

Stardew Valley version 1.1

Soon I prepare some materials about the game but the Stardew Valley have for you an interesting news. The game is very popular, especially for those who remember the Harvest Moon.

What’s New occurred in version 1.1:

  • More content later in the game
  • New farm buildings
  • new plants
  • New crafts
  • New advanced agriculture / manufacturing mechanic
  • Shane and Emily will be the candidates of marriage. They also have more events and dialogues.
  • More content marriage for all spouses
  • More events for NPC
  • Additions to exploration and combat
  • The ability to move buildings
  • Of course bug fixes
  • more secrets
  • More small and fun events

As already I mentioned soon I’ll add materials from me regarding Stardew Valley. In the meantime, I encourage you to educational game.

Time to start

3, 2, 1 … Good morning. 🙂 You’ve come / first out on the blog post “IT EDU NEWS”. I would like you to convince that computer games can teach Why? Perhaps because there can be another way to spend time on the computer. Besides the games I will be writing and recording material with the topics of computer, new technologies, ict, the Internet, e-learning, computer, web, edufun, etc. e-learning. Soon another entry 🙂