Libraries should seen ebooks like paper books

Making another video review meanwhile I got news:) Electronic books should be treated in exactly the same libraries as paper – this means among other things, the ability to easily and legally rented. This is the opinion Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU. The EU directive dating from 2006 indicates that the copyright owner of the work to determine whether they agree to rent the track. Member States may, however, consider that this provision will not apply public libraries – in exchange for a creator should receive “fair compensation”. Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU recognized that such a method is most consistent with the law. He added that the extension of e-books provisions of the directive may prove to be profitable for authors – until now most libraries signed the contract directly with publishers and it is to them, not the creator getting paid.

Minecraft: Education Edition Is Here!


Today, we are excited to announce the release of Minecraft: Education Edition early access for educators around the world.  The early access version of Minecraft: Education Edition gives educators a chance to install and try an early version of the product for free.

Minecraft: Education Edition is built based on feedback from the educator community and the features and capabilities they have told us are important to enhancing the learning experience:


Easy Classroom Collaboration: In Minecraft: Education Edition, an entire classroom of up to 30 students can play in a world together without a separate server required.  Or, students can work together in pairs or groups simply by joining their classmates’ worlds.


Camera and Portfolio: Another important aspect of Minecraft in education is being able to collect evidence of learning in the game. The camera and portfolio features allow students to take screenshots of their work and document the development of their projects.


Non-Player Characters: An educator may create an NPC (Non-Player Character) to act as a guide for students in the game, giving instruction, providing more information, and also allowing educators to insert an active web link to additional references.


Chalkboards:  Similar to an NPC, educators can use chalkboards to communicate learning goals, provide information, give explicit instructions, or challenge students with problems to solve within the game.

Soon I will start to prepare preliminary materials about the new engine of Minecraft “Education Edition”

What is an open education?

What is an open education? Why is it so important is the open education?

Open educational resources (RES) (ang. Open Educational Resources, OER) – a common name for all educational resources for which there is a fully open access by the embrace of their free licenses or transfer to the public domain and made available using any information and communication technologies.

More in the following footage.


In October Civilization 6

Civilization Game 6 is based on the continuous development of their own civilization, from the very beginning of its history in the era of primitive agricultural societies to the futuristic era of space colonization, with the ability to compete with other civilizations. For the players it is important to the final result of the game called. statistic data. The title game will settle on the market for the 6th time, the previous versions are distributed for 25 years by Sid Meier and the team. Publisher 2K and developer Firaxis announced that the sixth edition of the series will appear in just six months on October 21, 2016 year. It promised to improve the AI, which caused the biggest problems in Part 5. Let’s see if the release date is not moved, and whether this will be the last part of the product ceases to be developed.

Google changes color?

Probably you got used to the fact that Google is leading the color blue? Google plans to change the color to black, why? Perhaps they are experimenting with color reception when searching for content. In my opinion a good change, changes are needed, blue leave for other tools.

Kingspray Graffiti Simulator VR

As its name suggests, the application will allow spray painting on the virtual walls. What we offer this program / simulation / game (hard to classify): a wide range of spray paint color, tactile surfaces, templates, the ability to create your own templates, record your creations, sharing the work performed, the ability to listen to Internet radio Ghetto Blaster. The simulation will be available on SteamVR early as next week. World VR expanding, instead of illegally destroying walls can thus practice their skills and then stand up to the competition for the mural and show what you’re made of! I keep my fingers crossed for the project.

How was the program CAD 60s?

Exactly in 1963, he was presented the program Sketchpad written by Ivan Sutherland for which he received the Turing Award in 1988. Sketchpad is considered the ancestor of the modern computer-aided design (CAD) as well as a breakthrough in the development of computer graphics. Ivan Sutherland showed that computer graphics can be used both for artistic and technical. Currently, a group of CAD software is so extensive that looks every technical field. Personally, I had to deal with many such programs. I recommend reading them, many of them created under the GNU for the supporters of free software. It supported more than 50 years of tradition.

CAD application of computer hardware and software technical design. CAD methodology is used among others in mechanical engineering, electrical, construction. Symptomatic CAD is digital geometric modeling to develop storage product design.