Created a device that allows “wake up” in a dream

Lucid Dreamer is an intelligent device that can detect REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The device during operation emits weak electrical signals to let you know that you are dreaming – here it is a short way to take control of the dream. About 20 percent of the population experiencing lucid dreaming at least once a month. Lucid dreaming refers to a condition when a person realizes that he was dreaming. Although lucid dreaming is usually caused by accident, recent studies have shown that the brain goes into a special kind of activity “gamma” during lucid dreams. The effectiveness of stimulation of the alternating current in order to obtain lucid was thoroughly documented – enhances the activity of “gamma” during REM sleep in 77% of cases examined. This product will be soon available on market.

Update on 1.1 Progress

In a moment you will have the ideal opportunity to return to the addictive world Stardew Valley. Preparing to debut the 1.1 patch introducing new maps, divorces and new buildings. How do you thing is Stardew Valley still fantastic game? If you do not, and recently did a break from this unexpected hit, then the moment you get good argument for a return to the game. Its creator formally completed and tested the announced patch 1.1 and is ready for its official premiere.

Change is really a lot. Their full list can be found at this address, and among the biggest news worth mentioning:

  • new marriage
  • new buildings
  • 5 unique farmhouses maps to choose from at the beginning of the game, for example. Riverlands, where you will find a lot of water areas
  • the opportunity to take divorce
  • new tasks
  • new furniture and crops

As I mentioned, the update will come few days, and it will commence probably decent work on the console version of the game, which reportedly is expected to debut later this year.

Google improve your translator thanks to artificial intelligence, will be about 80% fewer errors in translation

A new solution that bears the name of the Google Machine Translation Neural reported Quartz service based on its own information from Google. According to the announcement of company completely rebuilt the system translations online. Available now well-known online translator Google is based on the analysis of individual sentences. The algorithm divides the sentence into individual words, translates it into a dictionary and trying to fit into each other in the language in which to appear translation. The current solution is highly imperfect, but Google promises its complete change what users in different countries have seen over the next few months.

Neural Machine Translation will be used in the operation of artificial intelligence and neural networks. As previously announced, one of the network is based on the dictionary analyze the whole sentence and determine what it means, and the second will generate on the basis of the translated text displayed on the screen. Google assumes that the new solution will make the translations by 80 percent. fewer errors than currently available translator. The tests carried out showed that prepared the translation method in the case of translation from Spanish to English reached 5 points in 6-point scale, where the maximum score is a perfect translation.

Google describes images with remarkable clarity

Google has created a unique algorithm describing the images, which can be downloaded by developers using open source software library – TensorFlow. After an appropriate training algorithm can recognize objects shown in pictures with an accuracy as high as 93.9 percent. This is a significant improvement over the technology two years ago, when artificial intelligence was able to correctly classify 89.6 percent of photos.

It is better described photos could be used in many ways – for example, assist historians, to the blind, and other companies working on artificial intelligence. Such an algorithm is therefore a very useful solution. The algorithm of 2014 years using the method of image classification called Inception V1. The algorithm of this year, while the use of a more advanced version of this method – Inception V3. Thanks to artificial intelligence can not only recognize what is in the pictures, but also understand what dependencies exist between the visible elements.

Elon Musk and Mars

In 10 days Elon Musk will deliver a speech entitled “Making Humans and planetary Multi-Species”. So about how to make the human species inhabiting more than one planet. He will deliver a speech during the International Astronautics Congress in Guadalajara (Mexico). According to the program:

Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to be resolved to enable the creation of a permanent and self-sufficient human presence on Mars. The technical presentation will focus on the potential architectures colonization of the Red Planet, in which industry, governments and the scientific community can work together in the coming years.

At the same time Elon raging on Twitter, saying that Mars Colonial Transporter (tentatively and unofficially called BFR – Big Fucking Rocket), needs a new name, because it will fly farther than Mars. All this work, despite the recent explosion of the rocket SpaceX.

They follow us on the web

Years ago I read article about web security and follow on the net by cookies, and I got a thoughts about all that subject. The majority of users 75% did not like the fact that they are followed, yet 44% does nothing to protect against this. As many as one in ten (11%) was not even aware it is an object tracking online. How to be more careful?

1. First, change some browser settings – eg. Disable the automatic installation of add-ons, please block suspicious Web sites and pop-up windows, set the obligatory checking SSL certificates and secure third-party cookies.

2. When installing a new free software uncheck the options that allow you to put in the system of extra toolbars, plug-ins and extensions. Otherwise, they can – perfectly legally – to be used to collect customer data. It should also be remembered that the removal once installed add-ons of this type can be very embarrassing.

3. If possible, use the HTTPS pages (so should start page address). The letter “S” located at the end of this sequence means that the traffic is encrypted. Avoid the use of postal services, social networking and e-commerce sites that do not offer HTTPS.

4. Use two different browsers – one for basic services online (social networking, Web mail, productivity tools, e-commerce) and the other for anonymous surfing the internet – thanks to your online activity is not associated with your identity.

5. Possibly use encryption VPN traffic.

Influencer & trendsetter & coolhunter

The internet allows you to locate in the intricacies of many artists. Write lyrics and publish videos can people interested in saving or fashion. I wanna take you to trip across new professions.

First profession in this article will be Influencer, or the person whose opinion counts a lot for people, so-called. opinion leader, is an active user of social media, a regular blog, or vlog, where he publishes. Influencer builds strong relationships with customers. As a result, being able to reach them with an appropriate message. In addition, it creates around himself a group of loyal customers with similar interests, and this is most important for brands. 

While the cult of personality and characteristic is widely known, it trendsetters, in other words – early adopters, slightly different from influencer. Their main tasks are focused on promoting brands and reaching out to their friends. Everyone surely knows at least one person who is always “on time” is fashionable clothes, telephone, and additionally is widely popular. Fashionable style of such people are often the work of sponsors, in this case brands. 

Coolhunter is certainly less frequent than the trendsetter, not to mention influencer. It was first included in the Classification of Occupations and Specialization in 2010 and since then is increasingly perceived in the labor market. Coolhunter can be compared to a hunter who hunts on certain mechanisms of consumer choices and explores the popularity of individuals. It is these people, well-oriented trends, looking for representatives of companies influencers and trendsetters. To get a job in the profession, you do not even have completed studies, it is important to rotate in a particular environment.

Perhaps soon there will be another profession that will revolutionize the market, every year there are more and more new professions, but so far it is worth to observe how they evolve those that we have already identified. 

OpticsPro 9 for free

If you always wanted to learn the cause of RAW files, or simply looking for a professional photo editing program, I have great news for you. DxO made available completely free of charge its flagship program OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition, which is the largest competitor Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is now by far the most popular program for editing and developing RAW files. It is used by huge numbers of professionals. Lightroom has the advantage over Photoshop that allows you to edit the entire catalog of photos, not just individual files. All (or select) the variables can be synchronized between images, which significantly speeds up the treatment process. In addition, the program does not open and close individual files. Instead, we have import and export operations, which operate on entire collections of photos. It is the fastest processing model, which currently exists. Lightroom is not the only program about the possibilities. Ba, probably there is also the best in its class. It has few competitors, which are the most common OpticsPro DxO and Capture One Pro.

OpticsPro is a program developed since 2004, and its newest edition is numbered 11. The promotion takes part DxO OpticsPro version 9, which is a program of the 2013-2014 year. Although it really worth giving him a chance, because in the ninth version of the program has added some very important features, including a very effective filter Prime Noise Reduction to remove noise. The software of DxO is praised just for noise reduction algorithms, as well as a way of dealing with color, especially the color of the skin. Many people think that OpticsPro can be much faster to get a nice effect. The effects of the automatic settings are as good as long fun sliders in Lightroom. Just visit the promotion prepared by DxO in cooperation with ProfiFoto. The site is available only in German, but anything that does not stop. On just leave your email address (must be true), and click the green button. After a while on the mail comes a link to download DxO OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition available for Mac and PC. We get a license activation key. Importantly, the promotion lasts until the end of August, but the license for the program is a lifetime! Just the end of August to activate the program to have it permanently. Like Lightroom, DxO OpticsPro is available in English.

Here the link