Xiaomi processors

Soon the market will be released two processors from Xiaomi. The first processor Xiaomi is to be named Pinacone. The Chinese company will present the V670 system with eight Cortex-A53 cores and graphics chip Mali-T860 MP4, probably too V970 with four core Cortex-A73 and four A53, juxtaposed with graphics Mali-G71 MP12.

Working robots should pay taxes

I think it is no doubt that in the future, robots will form a growing part of the workforce. It’s an uncomfortable situation for the government bodies that derive a significant percentage of revenues from income taxes and compulsory insurance. The former head of Microsoft believes that the best solution would be to introduce an obligation to pay taxes by robots – and more specifically by their owners. With this idea come Bill Gates and hedoes not mean vision conscious androids alone responsible for the charges. The money would come from companies saving by not employing people, and from the manufacturers of robots. Tax automation could help people who lose their jobs to robots, by funding training for positions that require human understanding and feelings, such as care for the elderly or working with children with special educational needs. You may already be in the next few-dozen years or so we will know how in fact will operate tax on working machines. Of course, the introduction of new regulations will not be enthusiastically adopted by companies producing robots and use them for work previously performed by humans. Gates stresses that this should not stand in the way of innovation, and enthusiasm for robots should be greater than the fear of development. This idea is very cleaver, especially from person who contributed to the development of computers.

Red planet and CO2

Scientists actually agree to the opinion that in the distant past on the surface of Mars had flowing river, that there were a lake. The problem is that the then sun does not shine intensely enough to the surface of the Red Planet could have the appropriately high temperature. That’s why we formulated the theory of denser, rich in CO2 atmosphere, which, thanks to the greenhouse effect could keep the planet’s surface temperature above freezing. It is this theory stood now in question. The study of the rocks themselves, in which a probe Curiosity was once the settlement, which were explained by the presence there of an ancient lake, now showed that carbon dioxide was there not enough. Mars rover has not found there traces of carbonates, which in an atmosphere rich in CO2 would have to occur. The equipment allows him to detect even a few percent carbonate content. In any sample does not appear. It is on this basis the authors put the idea on the maximum CO2 content. In water, the carbon dioxide forms carbonate binds to the positively charged ions of magnesium and iron. Studies of other rocks lake bed indicate that the ions are available, and the environment has never been sufficiently acidic to be able to dissolve the carbonates. If there is no trace of carbonates, it must mean that carbon dioxide was not enough.

Kodak Super 8

The new Kodak camera appeared on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the production of the film Super 8. The prototype device can be viewed today at CES in Las Vegas. An interesting option is certainly to provide the manufacturer, in the case of buy film for the camera, the buyer receives the full service, which will consist of the call to the film lab and rip it to digital form. The camera used was mounting lenses C. The set will be able to get a lens with a focal length of 6 mm f / 1.2 or optional lens 8-48 mm. Sharpening and working aperture at the adjusted manually.

It features filmmaker will be a 3.5-inch LCD screen to view filmed material. Recorded while the sound is ripped on the SD memory card. You will also connect to the camera external microphones. Camera Kodak Super 8 is expected to be available in the spring of 2017 years. The expected price will be approx. $ 2,000.

Edit photos using your voice?

Adobe has made available on its YouTube channel a short video demonstrating the ability to edit photos using voice commands. All thanks to the mobile application installed on the tablet – which recognizes the speech. In the video you can see how using the voice of the user, among others, cropped image and provides them in a social network. Behind the project is the responsibility of a group of Adobe Research. The intelligent speech recognition works based on cloud solutions. It is worth noting that this is by far show the ideas and possibilities of the tool itself. Besides the presentation of the film, Adobe did not mention when this type of service could occur in mobile applications company.

Balls from Sagittarius A

In the center of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole with a mass of about 4.3 million solar masses – Sagittarius A *. If some unfortunate celebrities appear in its event horizon, they are ripped to shreds. It would seem that then followed the end of the story, however, it is not necessarily true. As it turns out, Sagittarius A * can replace the guts of these stars in the spheres larger than Neptune and spit out 95 percent of them beyond our galaxy at a speed of 10,000 kilometers per second.

Such a conclusion drawn from the research results, which were presented at this year’s meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Eden Girma – a student at Harvard University, wondered what would happen to a star who would find themselves too close to Sagittarius A *. To find the answer to this question, decided to perform accurate calculations and simulations. Girma stresses that described its objects can also occur in other galaxies, because most of them have black holes at their centers. – “Other galaxies like Andromeda Galaxy shoot at us as ‘balls’ all the time.” – She said. After all, even if in the end could we see one of them, rather we could not discover its origin.

New chapter of optics? Flat is the future!

For the first time flat lenses and the principle of their actions heard in the last year. With placed on a flat surface nanostructures of different sizes, they are to be able to model almost any passage of the light, and therefore to obtain effects such as using conventional lenses. Another plus was supposed to be a total lack of visual defects. Then it seemed that before similar technology sees the light of day, it will take a lot of time. It turns out, however, that the flat lenses may visit on the market in the coming years. Scientists from Caltech in cooperation with Samsung engineers have developed a similar system of flat, mounted directly on the matrix optical modules whose mass production will not only be easy, but above all, cheap.

So far, the picture provided by similar solutions, however, was strongly blured. Engineers deal with the problem of comparing together two layers of lenses. The output module has a row focal ratio of f / 0.9 and a viewing angle of about 70 ° vertically and horizontally. Another task of the engineers is to adapt solutions for currently used matrices. This, through the use of the same materials and processes as in the case of CMOS sensors, should be simple and cheap. And given the fact that this project was partly financed by Samung, we can expect that the flat lenses will visit soon to smartphones and other mobile devices. In this market may be also considerable revolution. Apart from the fact alone aspect of miniaturization, with the right can us to deliver results previously reserved only for telephoto, which will certainly be eager implemented by the manufacturers of photographic smartphones.

There is already a satellite navigation system Galileo

Galileo is the EU’s global navigation satellite system (GNSS), a civil alternative to the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russian GLONASS. Compared with GPS and GLONASS, which is currently used by eg. Smartphones, Galileo will be much more precise thanks to the clocks, measuring the time delay of one second for a few million years. In the version commonly available accuracy of location is to reach 1 meter in commercial – 1 centimeter. The big advantage of Galileo over competing systems is also to be a much stronger signal. It can be received inside the large buildings or in tunnels and rescue operations in the high mountains, where he often disappears GPS signal will become easier. The system starts providing in conjunction with GPS free services, such as supporting rescue operations; provide more accurate navigation; better timing, and secure services to the public sector bodies. We will see how it will works.



Shawyer design resembles a cone. Attached to it is a magnetron, which is simply a lamp similar to those mounted in a microwave oven. Emdrive principle of operation is based precisely on the microwaves and hence the type of electromagnetic radiation of high frequency. The microwaves are emitted into the interior of the cone of the metal so as to bounce between one end. And here begins the stairs. How, moving back and waves in the electromagnetic field, generate momentum?

Imprints its mark here Bernoulli effect, which is derived directly from hydrodynamics. Eighteenth-century mathematician formulated an equation for describing differences in pressure of the liquid flowing through the pipe, which varies in diameter – tapered and extending to different sections. Of course, water flow should be correspondingly greater in the tube with a smaller diameter. But we need him in the reversed version. Shawyer figured that if the electromagnetic radiation has a wave-like, the differences in the diameter of the container will also affect the properties. Getting to one end of the cone is microwave harder than the second. And if so, should be some pressure, overwhelming propel the device in the direction in which the waves hit with greater insistence. And so, emdrive accelerate toward a broader basis.  More about EmDrive soon.



Liquid water on Pluto

Researchers at the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered evidence that Pluto has a hidden ocean. It is tucked beneath the frozen surface area in the shape of a heart. Region Tombaugh was named in honor of the discoverer of Pluto. It has a diameter of two thousand kilometers, and experts believe that there is as much water as is in the oceans on Earth. Outdoor tank on Pluto, which is likely to be completed by the melted ice, is about 150-200 km beneath the frozen surface of the planet. As stated by Francis Nimmo of the Studies show that the environment on Pluto is more varied than previously thought – said Richard Binzel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Someone willing to dive?