The recording magnetic resonance singing man

As another way to present the effect of vocal organ? Perhaps magnetic resonance? This can be present on the biology lesson, music, singing classes, the possibilities are many. According to me, an innovative topic which is worth writing. Michael Volle, baritone opera more accustomed to performances on the international opera and concert halls than within […]

MINECRAFT – educational edition

As you’ve probably heard Microsoft announced a new version of the popular game Minecraft. This time it is the title geared toward schools and educational institutions. Minecraft: Education Edition will be available from June this year. Minecraft already has more than 100 million players worldwide. Microsoft’s new initiative will make that the title will enjoy […]

Minecraft #HourofCode

Try free encoding climates Minecraft. This short course Microsoft and is similar to the software for programming and game development, also has a very clean interface and pass all the stages will take less than an hour. The interface allows dragging on the principle of “drag & drop” and create with them a series […]

Stardew Valley version 1.1

Soon I prepare some materials about the game but the Stardew Valley have for you an interesting news. The game is very popular, especially for those who remember the Harvest Moon. What’s New occurred in version 1.1: More content later in the game New farm buildings new plants New crafts New advanced agriculture / manufacturing […]

Time to start

3, 2, 1 … Good morning. 🙂 You’ve come / first out on the blog post “IT EDU NEWS”. I would like you to convince that computer games can teach Why? Perhaps because there can be another way to spend time on the computer. Besides the games I will be writing and recording material with […]