Created a device that allows “wake up” in a dream

Lucid Dreamer is an intelligent device that can detect REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The device during operation emits weak electrical signals to let you know that you are dreaming – here it is a short way to take control of the dream. About 20 percent of the population experiencing lucid dreaming at least once a […]

Update on 1.1 Progress

In a moment you will have the ideal opportunity to return to the addictive world Stardew Valley. Preparing to debut the 1.1 patch introducing new maps, divorces and new buildings. How do you thing is Stardew Valley still fantastic game? If you do not, and recently did a break from this unexpected hit, then the moment you […]

SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

SpaceX just before the conference Elon Musk on the IAC presented on YouTube channel showing how animation will look like Big Falcon Rocket and Interplanetary Transport System. This spaceship will take people to Mars and far away.

Google improve your translator thanks to artificial intelligence, will be about 80% fewer errors in translation

A new solution that bears the name of the Google Machine Translation Neural reported Quartz service based on its own information from Google. According to the announcement of company completely rebuilt the system translations online. Available now well-known online translator Google is based on the analysis of individual sentences. The algorithm divides the sentence into individual […]

Google describes images with remarkable clarity

Google has created a unique algorithm describing the images, which can be downloaded by developers using open source software library – TensorFlow. After an appropriate training algorithm can recognize objects shown in pictures with an accuracy as high as 93.9 percent. This is a significant improvement over the technology two years ago, when artificial intelligence […]

How work acoustic holograms?

Researchers can create complex patterns of air and water by means of ultrasonic waves. By placing printed in 3D on the speaker can manipulate how to put drops of water or propel small objects. More on

Elon Musk and Mars

In 10 days Elon Musk will deliver a speech entitled “Making Humans and planetary Multi-Species”. So about how to make the human species inhabiting more than one planet. He will deliver a speech during the International Astronautics Congress in Guadalajara (Mexico). According to the program: Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to […]

They follow us on the web

Years ago I read article about web security and follow on the net by cookies, and I got a thoughts about all that subject. The majority of users 75% did not like the fact that they are followed, yet 44% does nothing to protect against this. As many as one in ten (11%) was not […]

Influencer & trendsetter & coolhunter

The internet allows you to locate in the intricacies of many artists. Write lyrics and publish videos can people interested in saving or fashion. I wanna take you to trip across new professions. First profession in this article will be Influencer, or the person whose opinion counts a lot for people, so-called. opinion leader, is an […]

OpticsPro 9 for free

If you always wanted to learn the cause of RAW files, or simply looking for a professional photo editing program, I have great news for you. DxO made available completely free of charge its flagship program OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition, which is the largest competitor Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is now by far the most popular […]