New chapter of optics? Flat is the future!

For the first time flat lenses and the principle of their actions heard in the last year. With placed on a flat surface nanostructures of different sizes, they are to be able to model almost any passage of the light, and therefore to obtain effects such as using conventional lenses. Another plus was supposed to […]

There is already a satellite navigation system Galileo

Galileo is the EU’s global navigation satellite system (GNSS), a civil alternative to the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russian GLONASS. Compared with GPS and GLONASS, which is currently used by eg. Smartphones, Galileo will be much more precise thanks to the clocks, measuring the time delay of one second for a few million […]


Shawyer design resembles a cone. Attached to it is a magnetron, which is simply a lamp similar to those mounted in a microwave oven. Emdrive principle of operation is based precisely on the microwaves and hence the type of electromagnetic radiation of high frequency. The microwaves are emitted into the interior of the cone of […]

Liquid water on Pluto

Researchers at the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered evidence that Pluto has a hidden ocean. It is tucked beneath the frozen surface area in the shape of a heart. Region Tombaugh was named in honor of the discoverer of Pluto. It has a diameter of two thousand kilometers, and […]

Minimum wage for everyone let robot work for us

Elon Musk switched concept that can change our approach to the development of technology and artificial intelligence. The billionaire said that since automation will pick people to work, governments should pay any salary worked out by robots. One of the biggest concerns of progressive automation and robotics is the risk of rising unemployment. The World […]

Production Music For Film & Movies Today

In the era of silent film music existed separately, was played live (usually by individual instrumentalists, although prestigious cinemas occurred even symphony orchestras), later reconstructed her gramophone. Today, film music – cleansed of the effects of acoustic and integrated internally – can also work outside the cinema, secondarily. In contrast to the composition of independent […]


Just like people, robots that work hard to generate a lot of heat. Heat is a by-product, which hinders the functioning of their systems and limits their duration of action. One of the factors that makes the people are such good runners spacer is our ability to sweat. Once the brain senses that the body […]

New Google Maps now official

Google seems to finally respond to requests from users who have long been pushing for such functions at the same time pointing to the presence of competitive products. Mode “Wi-Fi only” , in accordance with earlier assumptions is an extension of the Map mode Offline. Forces on Google Maps navigation using a map stored beforehand in […]

1-nanometer transistor

For about a decade, scientists warn that we are approaching the physical limits diminish the basic electronic circuit – the transistor. The laws of physics do not allow for a conventional semiconductor transistor gate length of less than 5 nanometers. It is now widely used gate 20-nanometer, so we are very close to the said […]

Curiosity rover made another Martian selfie

NASA rover Curiosity Mars completed research area called “Murray Buttes” and now moving in even higher regions of Aeolis Mons (Mount Sharp). The vehicle took this opportunity to take another selfie proud against the landscape of the Red Planet. Photography, which was made September 17, 2016 year actually consists of up to 60 images captured by […]