Dreams make true – support for friend

My friend ask me can I support his campaign. I say yes!!! Because I know him and understand his problem. I donate by myself $20.

Since he move to another country, been working using his husband’s laptop. He has limited disk space, screen resolution make software window cover most of the canvas and… ( true a lot trouble )

“I hoped to save up enough money to get a new computer after the move, but first few months were extremely harsh financially. I’ve been working more than ever, which only led to exhaustion and poor health. For the past several months I’ve been the main provider for both me and my husband. It’s enough to live a decent-ish life, but it’s not enough to save up anything extra. Eventually, I came to terms with the fact I need help. Every little bit helps. If you like my art and want to see more of it, I need my worktools in order to work. Having own computer will ease and speed up my work process without me being constantly tired. I used to be ridiculously bold and never asked for free money, but this time I do need to swallow my pride and ask fandom for help.” – author Kartos

Also, He decided to do a full color picture raffle after reaching the goal. Maybe this will make people more interested 😛

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