The Uranus planet is even more weird than was thought

It is impossible to hide that Uranus is a planet enough strange. The axis of rotation of this planet is strongly inclined – up to 98 degrees, and is located almost in the plane of its orbit.  A new study by Atlanta-based Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that Uranus’s peculiar axis of rotation may be responsible for another strange feature of this planet. Uranus magnetosphere – the magnetic field that surrounds it – “turns on and off” every day as it rotates with the planet.

The magnetic field of the Earth is quite regular and stretches between the north and south poles. Because Uranus is a “drunken planet”, its magnetosphere is much more chaotic and the magnetic field’s dipole axis is inclined at an angle of 60 degrees to the axis of rotation of the planet. Because of this, the magnetosphere is sometimes “open” and sometimes “closed,” depending on its orientation. Researchers have been able to simulate the Uranus magnetosphere and discover some of its secrets using numerical models based on data collected by Voyager 2.