Scientists have created the illusion of touch in VR

Today, the equipment that allows us to enter the world of VR, affects only two of our senses – sight and hearing. Perhaps, using such devices someday we will be able to feel the flavors and smells, but rather will not happen until the virtual reality does not begin to simulate touch. Finally, the simulation of this sense seems to be another logical step for the VR. The question is how will it be implemented?

Researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam have developed a device that uses neuromuscular stimulation (EMS) to simulate the feel of touching walls and other objects in virtual reality. At the moment we are dealing with his rather crude version, because the device is a backpack containing 8-channel muscle stimulator from which the wires and electrodes are discharged.

The device sends small electric impulses to create the feel of touching the object. Of course, at the moment, the device is definitely not a “small amount of hardware”, so it is therefore not ready for commercial use. Let us hope, however, that this will soon…

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