Fast Radio Burst

First discovered them in the form of one-off flares, suggesting that their source may be destroyed as a result of the events which gave rise to this strong emissions. An example is the star explosion known as a supernova – are extremely powerful cosmic explosions, which can be several times brighter than the light emitted by the galaxy. However, about a little complicated at a time when in 2012 the powerful radio telescope called Arecibo, first reported FRB, which is regularly repeated. The name you assigned to the flashes comes from the date of their discovery: FRB 121,102th Later, another radio telescopes took to watching this event and were able to determine the location of its source, which was very satisfactory achievement, tossing a little bit of light on the mystery. It turned out that regular bursts of radio emission comes from the dwarf galaxy away from us by about 3 billion light-years. Mankind is certainly not able to create such a facility, but Loeb and Lingam point out that their idea is still within the laws of physics, ie. With appropriate technological advancement of its implementation is not excluded. If someone wondered about the reason for building such things, the researchers report that this could be used as a power source for light sails, that allow you to conduct review of their spaceships.

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