Working robots should pay taxes

I think it is no doubt that in the future, robots will form a growing part of the workforce. It’s an uncomfortable situation for the government bodies that derive a significant percentage of revenues from income taxes and compulsory insurance. The former head of Microsoft believes that the best solution would be to introduce an obligation to pay taxes by robots – and more specifically by their owners. With this idea come Bill Gates and hedoes not mean vision conscious androids alone responsible for the charges. The money would come from companies saving by not employing people, and from the manufacturers of robots. Tax automation could help people who lose their jobs to robots, by funding training for positions that require human understanding and feelings, such as care for the elderly or working with children with special educational needs. You may already be in the next few-dozen years or so we will know how in fact will operate tax on working machines. Of course, the introduction of new regulations will not be enthusiastically adopted by companies producing robots and use them for work previously performed by humans. Gates stresses that this should not stand in the way of innovation, and enthusiasm for robots should be greater than the fear of development. This idea is very cleaver, especially from person who contributed to the development of computers.

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