New chapter of optics? Flat is the future!

For the first time flat lenses and the principle of their actions heard in the last year. With placed on a flat surface nanostructures of different sizes, they are to be able to model almost any passage of the light, and therefore to obtain effects such as using conventional lenses. Another plus was supposed to be a total lack of visual defects. Then it seemed that before similar technology sees the light of day, it will take a lot of time. It turns out, however, that the flat lenses may visit on the market in the coming years. Scientists from Caltech in cooperation with Samsung engineers have developed a similar system of flat, mounted directly on the matrix optical modules whose mass production will not only be easy, but above all, cheap.

So far, the picture provided by similar solutions, however, was strongly blured. Engineers deal with the problem of comparing together two layers of lenses. The output module has a row focal ratio of f / 0.9 and a viewing angle of about 70 ° vertically and horizontally. Another task of the engineers is to adapt solutions for currently used matrices. This, through the use of the same materials and processes as in the case of CMOS sensors, should be simple and cheap. And given the fact that this project was partly financed by Samung, we can expect that the flat lenses will visit soon to smartphones and other mobile devices. In this market may be also considerable revolution. Apart from the fact alone aspect of miniaturization, with the right can us to deliver results previously reserved only for telephoto, which will certainly be eager implemented by the manufacturers of photographic smartphones.

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