There is already a satellite navigation system Galileo

Galileo is the EU’s global navigation satellite system (GNSS), a civil alternative to the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and Russian GLONASS. Compared with GPS and GLONASS, which is currently used by eg. Smartphones, Galileo will be much more precise thanks to the clocks, measuring the time delay of one second for a few million years. In the version commonly available accuracy of location is to reach 1 meter in commercial – 1 centimeter. The big advantage of Galileo over competing systems is also to be a much stronger signal. It can be received inside the large buildings or in tunnels and rescue operations in the high mountains, where he often disappears GPS signal will become easier. The system starts providing in conjunction with GPS free services, such as supporting rescue operations; provide more accurate navigation; better timing, and secure services to the public sector bodies. We will see how it will works.