Shawyer design resembles a cone. Attached to it is a magnetron, which is simply a lamp similar to those mounted in a microwave oven. Emdrive principle of operation is based precisely on the microwaves and hence the type of electromagnetic radiation of high frequency. The microwaves are emitted into the interior of the cone of the metal so as to bounce between one end. And here begins the stairs. How, moving back and waves in the electromagnetic field, generate momentum?

Imprints its mark here Bernoulli effect, which is derived directly from hydrodynamics. Eighteenth-century mathematician formulated an equation for describing differences in pressure of the liquid flowing through the pipe, which varies in diameter – tapered and extending to different sections. Of course, water flow should be correspondingly greater in the tube with a smaller diameter. But we need him in the reversed version. Shawyer figured that if the electromagnetic radiation has a wave-like, the differences in the diameter of the container will also affect the properties. Getting to one end of the cone is microwave harder than the second. And if so, should be some pressure, overwhelming propel the device in the direction in which the waves hit with greater insistence. And so, emdrive accelerate toward a broader basis.  More about EmDrive soon.