Minimum wage for everyone let robot work for us

Elon Musk switched concept that can change our approach to the development of technology and artificial intelligence. The billionaire said that since automation will pick people to work, governments should pay any salary worked out by robots. One of the biggest concerns of progressive automation and robotics is the risk of rising unemployment. The World Economic Forum, as we reported in January, conducted a study on the subject. Technological advances may lead to the release of up to 5 million people. He added that thanks to the automation of people will be able to deal with more complex issues. Humanity will have to find a way to shift to a new track. The idea Muska is in line with the ideas promoted by some think tanks. In Finland, the government plans to introduce a universal minimum income of 800 euros. It would be paid to anyone but instead to disappear would have tax deductions and allowances. Already in 2017 the Finns will test your idea. At the beginning of each receive 550 euros, and the system grants will work.