Just like people, robots that work hard to generate a lot of heat. Heat is a by-product, which hinders the functioning of their systems and limits their duration of action. One of the factors that makes the people are such good runners spacer is our ability to sweat. Once the brain senses that the body temperature rose to 37 degrees Celsius, sends a signal to the sweat glands began to produce and release the liquid cools the body. This fluid – sweat evaporates from the skin cools it. Using this mechanism, the researchers from the lab JSK University of Tokyo decided to create a robot that can lower its temperature in a similar manner. Robot team does not have skin, so sweating through his “bones”. The team created these bones, printing them with porous aluminum. The water flows through the channels contained in them, and flows out through the “gland” placed near the engine – of elements which are normally overheated during the loading activity. The machine can operate for about 12 hours, consuming half a glass of water. This system proved to be three times more efficient than conventional air cooling.