Update on 1.1 Progress

In a moment you will have the ideal opportunity to return to the addictive world Stardew Valley. Preparing to debut the 1.1 patch introducing new maps, divorces and new buildings. How do you thing is Stardew Valley still fantastic game? If you do not, and recently did a break from this unexpected hit, then the moment you get good argument for a return to the game. Its creator formally completed and tested the announced patch 1.1 and is ready for its official premiere.

Change is really a lot. Their full list can be found at this address, and among the biggest news worth mentioning:

  • new marriage
  • new buildings
  • 5 unique farmhouses maps to choose from at the beginning of the game, for example. Riverlands, where you will find a lot of water areas
  • the opportunity to take divorce
  • new tasks
  • new furniture and crops

As I mentioned, the update will come few days, and it will commence probably decent work on the console version of the game, which reportedly is expected to debut later this year.

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