Google improve your translator thanks to artificial intelligence, will be about 80% fewer errors in translation

A new solution that bears the name of the Google Machine Translation Neural reported Quartz service based on its own information from Google. According to the announcement of company completely rebuilt the system translations online. Available now well-known online translator Google is based on the analysis of individual sentences. The algorithm divides the sentence into individual words, translates it into a dictionary and trying to fit into each other in the language in which to appear translation. The current solution is highly imperfect, but Google promises its complete change what users in different countries have seen over the next few months.

Neural Machine Translation will be used in the operation of artificial intelligence and neural networks. As previously announced, one of the network is based on the dictionary analyze the whole sentence and determine what it means, and the second will generate on the basis of the translated text displayed on the screen. Google assumes that the new solution will make the translations by 80 percent. fewer errors than currently available translator. The tests carried out showed that prepared the translation method in the case of translation from Spanish to English reached 5 points in 6-point scale, where the maximum score is a perfect translation.

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