Influencer & trendsetter & coolhunter

The internet allows you to locate in the intricacies of many artists. Write lyrics and publish videos can people interested in saving or fashion. I wanna take you to trip across new professions.

First profession in this article will be Influencer, or the person whose opinion counts a lot for people, so-called. opinion leader, is an active user of social media, a regular blog, or vlog, where he publishes. Influencer builds strong relationships with customers. As a result, being able to reach them with an appropriate message. In addition, it creates around himself a group of loyal customers with similar interests, and this is most important for brands. 

While the cult of personality and characteristic is widely known, it trendsetters, in other words – early adopters, slightly different from influencer. Their main tasks are focused on promoting brands and reaching out to their friends. Everyone surely knows at least one person who is always “on time” is fashionable clothes, telephone, and additionally is widely popular. Fashionable style of such people are often the work of sponsors, in this case brands. 

Coolhunter is certainly less frequent than the trendsetter, not to mention influencer. It was first included in the Classification of Occupations and Specialization in 2010 and since then is increasingly perceived in the labor market. Coolhunter can be compared to a hunter who hunts on certain mechanisms of consumer choices and explores the popularity of individuals. It is these people, well-oriented trends, looking for representatives of companies influencers and trendsetters. To get a job in the profession, you do not even have completed studies, it is important to rotate in a particular environment.

Perhaps soon there will be another profession that will revolutionize the market, every year there are more and more new professions, but so far it is worth to observe how they evolve those that we have already identified. 

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