OpticsPro 9 for free

If you always wanted to learn the cause of RAW files, or simply looking for a professional photo editing program, I have great news for you. DxO made available completely free of charge its flagship program OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition, which is the largest competitor Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is now by far the most popular program for editing and developing RAW files. It is used by huge numbers of professionals. Lightroom has the advantage over Photoshop that allows you to edit the entire catalog of photos, not just individual files. All (or select) the variables can be synchronized between images, which significantly speeds up the treatment process. In addition, the program does not open and close individual files. Instead, we have import and export operations, which operate on entire collections of photos. It is the fastest processing model, which currently exists. Lightroom is not the only program about the possibilities. Ba, probably there is also the best in its class. It has few competitors, which are the most common OpticsPro DxO and Capture One Pro.

OpticsPro is a program developed since 2004, and its newest edition is numbered 11. The promotion takes part DxO OpticsPro version 9, which is a program of the 2013-2014 year. Although it really worth giving him a chance, because in the ninth version of the program has added some very important features, including a very effective filter Prime Noise Reduction to remove noise. The software of DxO is praised just for noise reduction algorithms, as well as a way of dealing with color, especially the color of the skin. Many people think that OpticsPro can be much faster to get a nice effect. The effects of the automatic settings are as good as long fun sliders in Lightroom. Just visit the promotion prepared by DxO in cooperation with ProfiFoto. The site is available only in German, but anything that does not stop. On just leave your email address (must be true), and click the green button. After a while on the mail comes a link to download DxO OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition available for Mac and PC. We get a license activation key. Importantly, the promotion lasts until the end of August, but the license for the program is a lifetime! Just the end of August to activate the program to have it permanently. Like Lightroom, DxO OpticsPro is available in English.

Here the link http://www.dxo.com/de/profifoto