The recording magnetic resonance singing man

As another way to present the effect of vocal organ? Perhaps magnetic resonance? This can be present on the biology lesson, music, singing classes, the possibilities are many. According to me, an innovative topic which is worth writing. Michael Volle, baritone opera more accustomed to performances on the international opera and concert halls than within the MRI scanner at the hospital. He made this experiment at the request of Prof. Matthias Echternach, in the context of the experience vocal skills singers and efficiency of their vocal apparatus. First, he had to sing an aria from Mozart’s Don Giovanni, but resigned from it on the grounds that it might cause too much vibration and movements of vocal organ. Instead, he chose relatively calm “Lied an den Abendstern” (a song Evening Star) from Wagner’s Tannhäuser. The singer admits that he was quite surprised videos, and especially by the length of their own language.

MRI scanner baritone Michael Volle, Wolfram track “Song Evening Star” from Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser”.

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