Minecraft #HourofCode

Try free encoding climates Minecraft. This short course Microsoft and Code.org is similar to the software for programming and game development, also has a very clean interface and pass all the stages will take less than an hour. The interface allows dragging on the principle of “drag & drop” and create with them a series of simple and complex commands. More https://code.org/mc. Novelty that none is because since December last year, you can use it but still meet with children and young people who do not hit the same superior educational entertainment. You can use this element as the introduction to the world of Scratch if there are reluctant to understand the idea of programming pictorial. Minecraft time coding is the main aim of learning the basics and Get more friendly with the world of programming. During this adventure you have to help guide that tells you what to do, to go fourteen minecraft puzzles together with Steve. If you want me to do with this video, please write in the comments 🙂

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